100 Issues of Salvation, Healing, and Equipping

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Celebration Women’s Ministry has touched the lives of many women through the years and there to document it all was our newsletter, which was always well written and printed with great care. This month, Celebration is celebrating the printing of its 100th newsletter! To honor this occasion, we will blast to the past and see how Celebration has changed since it started.

Here is a look back on what our newsletters have contained over the years:

“Chapters are starting all over the conference! God has been faithful in the “birthing” of Celebration!” Issue 6, August 1999

“Celebration events are a place to meet and experience God and the Leadership Retreat was no exception” Issue 27, September/October 2002

“In light of what has happened in the past eight years, we can definitely agree… Celebration is not a work of women or men, but is a work called forth by God for this hour in the Church.” Judy Graham in Issue 50, September/October 2006

Tragedy Strikes: “Hurricane Ike Cancels Fall Luncheon Celebration Sisters Respond with IKE Relief Fund” Issue 63, November/December 2008

“It is my belief that when our SISTERS are in need, and when we have the resources to help, our Celebration Sisters respond generously…” Issue 63

“This year’s conference is focused on finding the true happiness we’re all seeking – true Christian happiness ultimately found in our relationship with Jesus, the foundation of our hope.” Brandy Stevens, former VP of Conferences speaking of National Conference 2011, Issue 75, Spring 2011

“We have been released, freed, comforted, and given a crown of beauty for ashes.” Regarding National Conference 2013, Issue 84, Summer 2013

The message that rings true in every newsletter, “First and foremost, have a relationship with Jesus and Father God.” Judy Graham, Issue 95, Winter 2015.

Perhaps the Newsletter that sums up Celebration the best is Issue 99. “We are COVERED” the headline reads, and yes, since 1999 when we were voted into the Texas Annual Conference, we have been covered. We’ve been covered with favor within the church, with love and encouragement from our fellow Celebration sisters, and with a hedge of protection given to us by Christ. At National Conference 2017 we learned of this protection God has given us “under his wings” (Psalms 91:4 ESV). Celebration, the National Board, the chapter boards, and all the Celebration Sisters have truly found refuge in Christ as we strive to serve this fellowship of believers, following His lead all the way.

Celebration has continued to prove that they are a community of sisters that come together to truly be healed and equipped and to share salvation with those who do not know the Lord yet. From the start of the ministry, our newsletter has documented how well Celebration comes together in times of joy and sorrow to “celebrate” all that God has done in the lives of the women whom we have come to know and love during the last 19 years of this ministry.

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