Flex Your Spiritual Muscles

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Faith can be like going through a drive-through if you let it. It’s easy to stop by for scripture “sound-bites” or speed through worship service like we’re at a burger joint. But you are called to be spiritual leaders. I’m referring to being a vessel for creating God encounters here!

Henry Blackaby defines a spiritual leader as one who:

  1. Influences others or moves people to where God wants them to be. When you are “authentically spilling over for God” it invites those around you to be closer to Him.
  2. Depends on the Holy Spirit. To be God-depending is a critical trait of a spiritual leader!
  3. Is accountable to God.
  4. Influences all people, not just God’s people. A spiritual leader is available to those that do not currently know the Lord just as much as those who have experienced salvation.
  5. Works from God’s agenda. Are your decisions based on reflection of what God wants in your life? When you seek God’s will in your decision-making, His agenda will supersede that of your own.

So how do you avoid drive-through faith? Flex your spiritual leadership muscles now! I’d encourage you read the Word in your daily time with God to stretch your dependence on the Lord.

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