The Lord Shining Through You

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The school superintendent was no stranger to pain, humiliation, and criticism. It had not been very long since a major crisis took place within his district, and he suffered greatly because of it. I had heard his faith was strong, and that was how he was able to endure. He was signing in for a meeting at the registration table when he honored me in the greatest way. Not because of his prestigious position, not because of his excellent education, but because of what he said to me. I greeted him in a naturally cheerful way, and he responded with this, “You know, I really appreciate your positive attitude and the way you always have something nice to say. I SEE THE LORD SHINING THROUGH YOU.” The Lord? Shining through ME? This is a public establishment, the very place the Lord needs to be seen, and this man saw Him through little old me. I consider those words of honor to be the best I’ve heard, and I greatly treasure them.

How much more should we bestow that honor on someone in our lives whom we’ve seen the Lord shine through? Who has impacted your faith, your journey, your walk with Christ? 1Thessalonians 5:11 says that we should encourage one another, and let me tell you, those words that honored me also encouraged me to KEEP ON SHINING THE LORD’S LIGHT!

A beautiful way to honor the special women in your life is through Celebration Women’s Ministry. For $25 per name, you can publicly say to them, “I see the Lord shining through you.” What a bright place this world will be when we are all shining His light! Glory to God, the Father of Lights (James 1:17).

Submitted by Sheila Davis

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