News from Appomattox, Virginia!

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2016 Appomattox, VAConferenceJulie Cheatham, President of the Appomattox Chapter shared news of their recent conference in Virgina, “We had a blessed conference with featured speaker Julie MadBondo. Julie is the founder of ‘A Mother’s Cry’, founded to help witness to God’s love through Jesus Christ and to educate women in the remote villages of Africa. Julie herself, was born in a small village in Africa. Her mother died giving her birth. In this village the child was usually buried with the mother especially if there were no other lactating women in the village, which was the case in Julie’s village.”

“But, God had a different plan and a missionary from the United States had mercy on her and adopted her. That is the beginning of her story of God’s grace and mercy. She now lives in Lynchburg VA. We enjoyed an inspiring message and a fruitful time of prayer ministry.”

In other exciting news, their Virginia area Bishop is now Reverend Sharma Lewis, who blessed the National Conference in 2015. Their Chapter is eager to experience Rev. Lewis in the near future as well!

Praise the Lord for a Celebration experience that blessed the ladies of Appomattox.

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