Rooted In Christ | TAC Luncheon 2017 News

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On Tuesday, May 30th, Celebration once again had the privilege of hosting a luncheon at The United Methodist Church’s Texas Annual Conference. Celebration sisters and fresh faces alike were wowed by the poignant message delivered by Rev. Kaitlyn in which she encouraged each of us to stand firmly rooted in Christ.

As Christians, at times we believe the destination is to become a disciple and check it off the list. She offered that we should build on our discipleship and continue to live it out.

Host church The Woodlands UMC helped us stage an inviting, calming, yet lively setting for our nearly 130 guests. Our VP of Worship, Christi Gardner, and guest vocalist, Carissa Vann, tugged at our heartstrings and evoked the Holy Spirit to join us – and join us He did!

“I was so blessed!” Dorothy Kyle said. “The food, music and fellowship was wonderful.  I especially enjoyed the speaker, Kaitlyn Hankins.  Her message was awesome and powerful.  We were all wrapped in the Spirit.”

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