Who is an Ambassador?

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In 2 Corinthians 5:20, we read that we are ambassadors for Christ, imploring people to be reconciled to God through Jesus. Paul tells us in Ephesians 6:20 that he was an ambassador in chains, and asked for prayer that he might speak boldly as he should speak.

The definition for the Greek word “presbeuo,” (ambassador), means a representative of a ruling authority. Ambassadors would be chosen from the ranks of mature, experienced people. An ambassador for Christ necessitates spiritual maturity.

In New Testament times and in today’s world, the word “ambassador” has the same meaning. An “ambassador” can be defined as:

  • An official representative who is authorized to speak on behalf of his sender.
  • An authorized messenger who has the power to make decisions and to represent the will of the government, nation, or king he represents.
  • An official or envoy who is a diplomatic agent of the highest rank sent to represent a nation to a foreign land.

As Christians, we are all to be ambassadors for Christ in the year ahead. As His ambassadors, we have the full authority of Jesus Christ given to us. He will lead us, give us the words to speak, give us strength for the task for which we are assigned, and provide protection for us.

With a new President in office, ambassadors from the US are being chosen for positions around the world. It reminds me of a ministry trip I took to Costa Rica several years ago. We were ministering in churches around the San Jose area. An invitation was extended to join our US Ambassador’s wife for lunch in her home. What a treat for us! An official car and driver picked us up at our hotel and took us to her home. The car pulled up to the front of their home and armed guards opened the doors for us. A half a block away, a man ran across the street. The guards escorting us, immediately stopped us, moved between us and the man who was running and lowered their weapons in the ready position.
Needless to say, our heartbeat elevated a bit! The man moved on down the street and we proceeded inside the wall that surrounded their home. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and time of fellowship with Christian women from Costa Rica as well as other ladies from the USA. That was my first experience with the life of an ambassador.

The lesson for me was that when God sends us on an assignment as His ambassador, all the provisions have been put in place for us to successfully fulfill the call of God on our lives. We need not be fearful of stepping out of our comfort zone when the Holy Spirit nudges us to do something new for the Kingdom. Our part is to stay in close fellowship with Him, trust Him and thank Him.

We represent the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! We are His ambassadors! Ask Him for your assignment!

By Judy Graham

[From Celebration Women’s Ministry newsletter, Issue 99]

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